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About Navy Matters

Editor: Richard Beedall 


Address: Navy Matters, 1 Seagrave Hall, Fairyhouse Road, Ratoath, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland

Telephone: +353 (01) 8254175

History of Navy Matters 

In 1997 Richard Beedall set up a website devoted to providing information on the British Royal Navy.  By 2000, with the advent of a reasonable official Royal Navy site, he changed the emphasis to the Future Royal Navy.  In 2004 the site was as re-launched in its current form as Navy Matters.  


Navy Matters exists to provide information and analysis about naval affairs, emphasising  areas where such information may not be readily available elsewhere.  It concentrates primarily on the Royal Navy and its future projects.  It also seeks to enhance public awareness about the Royal Navy and its purpose and role.  It uses only open sources, information provided to it by companies, and contributions from the public.  


The editor welcomes all contributions to Navy Matters - including articles, photo's, news, corrections or other feedback.  It will be assumed that right has been granted to use and publish on Navy Matters any material sent, and that there are no copyright, legal, or security issues related to the material.  If you want, or don't want, to be acknowledged as the source of any material published on the website, please explicitly state so - otherwise the editor will make a judgment as to whether an acknowledgement is appropriate. 


Copying Material

All original material on this website is copyright of Richard Beedall, all rights reserved in accordance with national and international laws.

There have unfortunately been several instances of articles and significant amounts material from this free to access web site being copied by individuals and then sold (without my knowledge or permission) to magazines, commercial websites and other media as supposedly their own work. 

Be warned - I take a hard line with this despicable form of plagiarism.

If you wish to copy an image (photograph or graphic), please note that most of these are provided by other sources.  Navy Matters and Richard Beedall generally have no rights to authorize the use of these images by third parties and you should seek or verify permission from the source or copyright holder directly. 

If you are copying or using text based information from this website for re-use in any other form (electronic, printed, ... ) for commercial purposes, please contact the editor

If you are copying or using text based information from this website for re-use in any other form (electronic, printed, ... ), for non-commercial, educational or governmental purposes, you must acknowledge as the source.  A link to this site (if appropriate) and a short email to inform the editor would be a much appreciated courtesy.  Please repeat any acknowledgments if possible.  

  2004-13 Richard Beedall unless otherwise indicated.